We are creating future right now

We’re an innovative laboratory of the Ak Bars Bank, which creates
digital products to make the world of finance simple
and accessible to everyone.

– About us

Ak Bars Digital

We are innovators, who are inspired by the opportunity to make people's lives easier and more comfortable. We are perfectionists, who pay high attention to detail. Perfecting ourselves and everything we do will always be our priority. We are a team of enthusiastic people sharing common goals and values.

– Projects


Aimee – a solution based on deep learning algorithms that helps the operator find the right answer, and answers by herself if she is sure.

A-B Pay

A–B Pay is a service that allows users to transfer money to cards. The service gives an opportunity to create a page for collecting funds for any purposes.

Ak Bars Online

The new version of Ak Bars Online gives users an opportunity to conduct transactions from their mobile or desktop devices.